Armando Caruso Silver Quartz 2101 Stippling Brush


Armando Caruso Silver Quartz series has two toned nylon bristles, silver aluminium ferrule and to complete its exclusivity, high grade black crystals are trapped in the handles.

The Stippling Brush distributes product evenly by blurring product into the skin in a stippling process. It creates a seamless finish for any liquid, cream or powder products.


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Use dotting or stippling motion for maximum use. The duo – white bristles to apply and black bristles to blend, perfecting finish.

*All the animals were never hurt in the process of making these products. We actually used the hairs that have fallen naturally. The animal hairs we used are: sables, squirrels, foxes, goats.
**Always reshape the bristles after washing, because these are natural hairs, treat them with love.
***Brushes with natural hair may shed easily, so don’t freak when there are sheddings.

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